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Towards Optimized Use of
Research Reactors in Europe

Organisation of the work

The work plan is structured into five work packages:

  1. WP1 - Inventory of RR fleet - led by JOŽEF STEFAN INSTITUTE, is aimed at collecting and updating the information on the European research reactor fleet and on their plans in the period 2020-2030. Furthermore, it is supposed to perform RR gap analyses in the areas of science & technology, medical matters and education & training.
  2. WP2 - Assessment of needs and opportunities to support supply of medical radioisotopes - led by NARODOWE CENTRUM BADAN JADROWYCH, assesses the needs and opportunities for the contribution of RRs to the medical domains including radioisotope production.
  3. WP3 - Tools for optimized use of European research reactors - led by EUROPEAN NUCLEAR EDUCATION NETWORK, will result in a strategy for optimized use of European RRs and a set of tools supporting the implementation of the strategy.
  4. WP4 - Dissemination and outreach - led by EVALION, will disseminate the project results to various audiences. It is also aimed at networking and raising awareness on the role of RRs in research for today’s society.
  5. WP5 - Project management - led by EUROPEAN NUCLEAR EDUCATION NETWORK, the consortium leader, deals with coordination and consortium management activities, monitoring the progress of the other WPs, financial management and preparation of reports and reviews.