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Towards Optimized Use of
Research Reactors in Europe

TOURR Project

The TOURR project aims to evaluate the current and future needs for Research Reactors and neutron sources in Europe.

Based on a thorough evaluation, a strategy for maintaining and upgrading existing RRs and building new ones shall be proposed. The outcome shall be an important contribution for designing the European Research Area.

The main targets of the project are to assess the impact of the decreasing number of RRs, identify future needs (including new neutron sources), draw a roadmap for the upgrade of the existing RR fleet, and develop a model for harmonized resource utilization. Another aim of the project it is to evaluate the current and future need for neutron sources and for medical radioisotopes in Europe. The outcome shall be an important contribution for designing the European Research Area.

Research Reactors Survey

In order to have a picture of the current situation, we have prepared a Questionnaire.

By participating in this survey, you will become part of the TOURR network. This means that, if you wish, you will be contacted each time we will organize an event in the framework of the project and the public project outcomes will be shared with you, in due time.

In case you decide to provide us with the data about your RR, please get in touch with us by sending an email to roberta.cirillo[at] (CC secretariat[at]

We are collecting data until the end of June, i.e. 30.06.2021.

Since we are aware of the sensibility of the collected data, you are welcome to visit this page to get acquainted with the details of our GDPR privacy policy.


Project Partners

  1. European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) Belgium
  2. Centrum Vyzkumu Rez sro (CVR) Czechia
  3. Energiatudomanyi Kutatokozpont (EK) Hungary
  4. Narodowe Centrum Badan Jadrowych (NCBJ) Poland
  5. Studiecentrum Voor Kernenergie / Centre D'etude De L'energie Nucleaire (SCK CEN) Belgium
  6. Institut Jozef Stefan (JSI) Slovenia
  7. Evalion sro (EVALION) Czechia
  8. Universitaet Stuttgart (USTUTT) Germany
  9. Centro De Investigaciones Energeticas, Medioambientales Y Tecnologicas-Ciemat (CIEMAT) Spain
EU Map - Partner countries

October 2020 – September 2023

Coordinator’s contact

Gabriel Lazaro Pavel
European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN)
11 rue d’Egmont
1000-Bruxelles Belgium
Email: gabriel.pavel[at], secretariat[at]