TOURR Project Logo

Towards Optimized Use of
Research Reactors in Europe


The TOURR project will introduce an innovative model for coordinating the European RRs in the areas of their respective exploitation: material testing, education and training, basic research, energy research, isotope production, cancer therapy, etc.

This action will facilitate the arise of natural synergies among the participating research reactor facilities.

The newly conceived model will be disseminated and, when adopted by RRs, it will allow for a more efficient use of research reactors in Europe.

The institutions participating in TOURR represent a significant part of non-zero-power RRs in Europe whose production lines supply the medical radioisotopes while simultaneously offering a significant portion of their irradiation time for Science and Technology (S&T) activities.

It is foreseen that the TOURR project will have a serious impact on the planning and eventual refurbishment or construction of new RRs in Europe contributing to a more effective utilization and planning of the EU RR fleet.

Source: Jožef Stefan Institute